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Click on a product category you are interested in. Within some categories you will find text at the top of the page which gives information about the type of product in the category and what it can be used for.

Within each category you will find sub-categories and/or a list of products. If you know which product you want you can click on the add-to-basket button then follow the screens through to the checkout. Or, if you require more items, close the basket window, find the additional items you want, and add them to your basket. For more information about an item, or for a larger picture, click on its name, its description or on the picture itself. For some products there is also a drawing in Adobe Acrobat format available for download from the product detail page.



See the 'Help with Searches' page in Information & Advice or click the 'i' icon next to the word Search above the box on the right.


Recently Visited Pages

This box on the right will display the last 10 pages you have visited in the Mall, to go back to any of the pages shown just click on the one you want.


Saving Baskets

Once you have added products to a basket you can save the basket with a name. You can then carry on adding to the basket but if you want to stop and come back later you can, the basket will be displayed in a box on the right below 'Recently Visited Pages'. You can save more than one basket with different names if you wish.


Previous Orders

Any orders you place will be displayed in a box headed 'Previous Orders' the next time you visit the site. If you want to see what you ordered or you forgot to print a receipt (or mislaid it), click on the order and a receipt will load in a new window for you to read and print if required.


Other Stores in this Mall

See 'Help with this Mall'