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Enter a LVM part number or a short piece of descriptive text in the box.

LVM part numbers are LVM- followed by between 3 & 6 alpha numeric characters sometimes separated by a hyphen from a single character suffix . i.e. LVM-107 or LVM-412-1

Descriptive text can be a product type or category. i.e. Pump or Generator or a part description i.e. Blade. 


If the results are not what you expected or wanted, try changing your question.

If you were looking for a specific part try just entering the first 4 charaters of the number if the list is then too long add some more characters.

If you were using descriptive text try a shorter question for more answers or a longer question for fewer answers.


The 'Sort Order' is the order your results will be displayed in.


LVMshop is part of a larger 'Mall' encompassing several sites offering the products and services of our parent company Cleghorn Waring. By removing the tick from the 'Within Shop Only' box you can search across all the shops in the 'Mall'