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About LVM Pumps

Light, efficient and very simple to install and use, LVM's plastic-bodied d.c.centrifugal pumps are designed for use in small boats.  The pumps will handle fresh or salt water, and some are suitable for diesel fuel transfer.  Fitted with an integral plastic strainer, they are useful for pumping out narrow bilge spaces.  The submersible models are slim enough to fit easily through a 38mm bunghole in a plastic water container.  With the removal of the white strainer cap, a hose connector is exposed, allowing instant conversion to an in-line freshwater pump able to supply a single tap.  Note: these pumps are not self-priming.  
Other uses include deck shower, deck/anchor wash, and bait tank aeration. Several models are available as light and easily portable Pump Kits, including power cable and lay-flat hose.

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No LVM pump should be used for petrol, solvents or any liquid with a flash point below 37oC( 98oF)